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My Simple Christmas Room Decor

Day 8 of my 12 Days of Christmas is here. I wanted to share a few photos of how I decorated my bedroom for Christmastime. I decorate my bedroom every single year! I just love making it look festive. My style has changed a bit over the years, and I definitely prefer a more classic and minimalistic look now (as compared to the over-the-top Christmas vibe I used to go for. Haha) Continue Reading

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Festive Christmas Sugar Cookies

We’ve made it to Day 6! Christmas is so soon. I can’t believe it! Today was a fun and busy day. My sister and I went to get our nails done for Christmas and shared a pizza for lunch. This evening we went Christmas shopping with my dad, and then I wrote out the very last of my Christmas cards! I was afraid I wouldn’t get this post up in time, but I made it. 🙂 Continue Reading


Our Magical Wedding Venue // Wedding Update No. 6

I am so thrilled to be sharing this post. Nicolas and I have found our dream wedding venue, and I simply couldn’t wait until the wedding to write about it! In case you didn’t read my last post about our wedding cake, we are getting married in Pittsburgh! It is a beautiful city not too far from where we (and the rest of my family) live, and there is an international airport that makes it easy for Nicolas’s family to fly in. Continue Reading


Feeling 22

Today I am twenty-two years old. I cannot believe it! I have anticipated turning twenty-two since Taylor Swift released her song 6 years ago. Listening to that song, I always imagined that when I turned twenty-two I would feel so ‘grown-up’ and have my whole life together. (HAHA) Continue Reading